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In Early 2001, we started to study the English Mastiff, and its' breed standard. We have fallen in love with this giant dog, his grand nature, and his devotion towards his family. We want to continue to better the breed, keeping the Mastiff in it's original form by expanding our horizons on how we now selectively breed. We want to share what is unknown to the mastiff enthusiasts, and that is the hidden genes that will help diversify the mastiff breed.



Glaciers Ridge Jagged Road 6 months old



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We enjoy exhibiting our Mastiffs in AKC and UKC sanctioned shows.

We are proud to announce that we are life time members with AQHA, in good standing with, AKC, UKC, APHA, IBHA and FQHR. 






       Gone but not forgotten!              


Although Blue Sierra Pine was with us for a short time, we were blessed with his will to please, his attitude to teach, and his heart to work. "Hank" was once in a life time horse, in the right hands he could have gone to great places.  We thank everyone for the kind words after the loss of Hank........To know him was to love him. 1997-2005



Northwood, Iowa




A beautiful site after a day of storm chasing. Several tornados touched down. We were witness to a violently roating wall cloud. It did spawn a tornado in an adjacent county. There were not many reports of severe damage.


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